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Our Current Focus

The CORE Data Lab leads a range of projects, with a particular focus on developing methods for working with complex healthcare datasets that can inform clinical practice. This includes data from clinical trials, longitudinal cohort studies, and routine clinical datasets. The lab has led national evaluations informing the roll-out of mental health interventions, including parent-training programmes, integrated physical and mental health services, and primary and community care psychological therapies services. The Dep-GP project and NCEL IAPT SIRN datasets are hosted by the lab and have been instrumental in developing individual patient predictive modelling methodologies that can be applied in routine care.​The aims of the CORE Data Lab are to further develop novel analytic methods (such as using computer adaptive testing to support improved assessment), data-driven means of supporting precision mental health care, and expanding the provision of training in cutting edge mental health data science for students and trainee clinicians across UCL and via external collaborations.

Treatment Development and Evaluation

Prediction and Prognostic Modelling

Big Data


Psychometric Analyses

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